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Dental Bridges in Altamonte Springs, FL

Traditional metal bridges — the type that reveal unsightly, black telltale lines right at the gum line — are a thing of the past. We specialize in dental implants and porcelain bridges, which can fill in missing-tooth spaces with natural-looking artificial teeth, correct speaking and chewing problems, and increase strength when biting. Dental implants and bridges replace missing teeth so that the mouth can function comfortably and properly, and look completely natural.

Placing Dental Bridges

The placement of a dental bridge is usually a two-step process, requiring two office visits. During the first office visit, the teeth are prepared for the fitting of the bridge by cleaning away plaque and decay in the areas to be treated. The affected area is usually numbed before beginning this process. An impression of your teeth is made and sent to a lab where the crowns that make up the bridge will be customized for you. Before your permanent bridge is placed, a temporary bridge will be fitted for you.

During your second office visit, your temporary bridge is replaced with your new, permanent bridge. Your doctor will fit the new bridge, making sure your bite is correct before placing it in the mouth for permanent use.