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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Altamonte Springs, FL

Because metal fillings can be obvious, unattractive, and perhaps even harmful to your health, we offer tooth-colored fillings for our patients. New cosmetic materials enable patients to have cavities filled with natural-colored fillings. We can repair tooth decay and replace old fillings using a composite resin that precisely matches the color of your natural teeth.

Did you know that tooth-colored fillings bond to tooth structure even better than metal fillings? Not only that, but they also aid in the prevention of further decay and damage. Tooth-colored fillings are so durable that they are often used on teeth that absorb a great deal of pressure, such as molars. These composites have the added benefits of insulating teeth from temperature changes and eliminating the health risks posed by metal fillings with mercury.

As the most aesthetic restorative choice, natural-colored fillings are virtually undetectable. In most social situations, such as talking, laughing, eating, and smiling, no one will be able to notice tooth-colored fillings — they simply look like a natural part of the teeth.